Shrimp Care

Our Freshwater shrimp are bred in-house with strict standards. To ensure a high success rate, we highly recommend doing a very slow drip-acclimation. Temperature and water parameters should be changed slowly. They also prefer a mature tank, as they don't handle ammonia well. A well cycled tank is preferred. They will feed on algae, plant matter and whatever foods you prefer to feed. We prefer a good sinking shrimp pellet with calcium added. However they will also eat catapa leaves, veggie slices, lettuce, etc. Feed in moderation as they are slow eaters. For more information please reach out via email, we love to help!

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants need one thing to thrive- A balance between Light, Nutrient and CO2. You will want to utilize a light on a timer, liquid fertilizers, and root fertilizers for best results. Imbalance between these essentials will cause algae issues, plant melting, etc. Find your balance! A good start is about 6 to 8 hours a day at medium intensity for your light. Adjust from there based on what results you get. For more information reach out! We lovce to help.