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About Us

We are simply a family owned and operated Local Fish Store that ships. We specialize in the planted freshwater aquarium, and produce all of our own plants in-house, with 100% submerged growth. We carry many species of fish that you may not normally see in your local stores, such as fun native species like Darters and Sunfish! We utilize a very thorough medication and quarantine process for every fish that comes through our store, to ensure you get a healthy specimen for your system. We take a level of care that you wont find with major corporations. This stems from our passion for the environment and nature. We feel that the ability to hold a tiny piece of that in our home is a blessing, that comes with responsibilty. We are always striving to make it easier for the average fish-keeper to maintain their system. This is fueled by our passion for the live plants we produce, as well as the healthy fish that we sell. Thank you for supporting our small business! -Douglas, Haylie, Jordan and John.